MRS/AGV/ SSI Orbiter® Applications

Standard concepts of the individual kind

Modularity is essential in the area of storage and requires appropriately customized solutions – suitable for all customer requirements. How can semi-automated warehouse components be combined with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to create a storage solution and also increase storage density? Make sure to see SSI SCHAEFER’s solution.

The showcase for large load carriers consists of the AGV AMADEUS from partner DS AUTOMOTION, a mobile racking system and the SSI Orbiter. While the standard concepts can be combined in a modular and scalable way, they are also impressive by themselves.


  • Modular and scalable combination of individual components for perfect interaction
  • Compatibility of new modules with existing solutions
  • Easy integration of AGV solutions into modular systems
  • Uncomplicated upgrading of manual to partially or fully automatic systems

Optimal space utilization with maximum flexibility, maximum personal safety, sustainability and ease of use in channel storage.


Solid mechanical construction, maximum personal safety and allows a perfect combination of all components (software, actuators and sensors).


Heavy-duty mobile racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER are designed to meet the highest requirements for the weight and size of the goods to be stored. Their modular structure also allows for customer-specific solutions.


The range of applications for AGVs extends from production and assembly to goods and warehouse logistics and is possible with mixed traffic consisting of automated vehicles and people across various branches.